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It is not recognized exactly how many graves the brand new Masonic cemetery contained, however, most likely just some. The fresh new Resorts try quick, offering only 29 professionals while the later once the 1881. The cemetery, furthermore, failed to endure enough time: about 1870s, the fresh Masons purchased a parcel (bounded from the Franklin, Missouri, Mesa, and Oregon streets) just northern regarding the downtown area to possess a new cemetery; then regarding the 1880s it purchased two miles from the Concordia and you can went all authorities there.6 Well, most. eight When Fort Bliss are reestablished for the 1878, the us government set aside property to have a separate cemetery, this one with the one or two surrounding prevents eastern out of Campo Santo; it is branded “U.S. Cemetery Set aside” into town charts of that day and age.

Shape 3. Sanborn Chart away from 1883. The fresh Masonic Resort Zero. 130 constructed a two-story building at the spot away from San Antonio and you will Mesa Method (Utah Road), next to the new Masonic cemetery. The new Solitary Celebrity (January twenty six, 1884) relates to a temporary school house “underneath the fees out of Skip Mary Doors inside a space surrounding the latest Masonic ceme¬tery.” This school house is seen merely north of Masonic Resorts building, so the cemetery need to have adjoined all of them each other. Thanks to UTEP Collection Unique Choices.

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Shortly after that, not, Fort Bliss moved to Hart's Mill, and also the armed forces situated a small triangular cemetery around the procession grounds on that possessions.