For this reason, Musonius comes to an end one to no chores was in fact only arranged to own both sex

He noticed that either licentious men realize a number of male sex-couples

With regards to certain opportunities, on top of that, Musonius was less egalitarian. The guy considered that the type of men is stronger which of women is actually weaker, therefore, the most suitable opportunities must be assigned to for each and every character appropriately. Overall, dudes would be tasked this new big tasks (age.g. gymnastics being external), female the latest light employment (elizabeth.grams. rotating yarn being indoors). Both, yet not, special points-such as a health issue-manage warrant men starting a few of the light tasks and this see as suited for female, and you can feamales in turn doing a few of the more complicated of these which check alot more designed for guys. One another boys and you will girls need receive the exact same knowledge on which is useful and you will what exactly is bad, what is actually beneficial and you can what exactly is harmful. Shame for the that which you base have to be ingrained both in sexes out-of infancy on the. Musonius' thinking away from knowledge influenced one both males and females need certainly to end up being accustomed to survive toil, and you may none so you can concern death nor being dejected about face of every bad luck.