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Bring your lady freedom, and you may she will like you forever, because the a wise man once remarked. Zero grownup possess sneaking up to peeking over the arms and possess an enjoyable experience. For individuals who keep you to definitely in mind, you're going to be ready to give the Vixen Hotwife discussing a go.

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The average get was step one.478 in the plosive position, 1.forty five about fricative klicka pГҐ webbplatsen condition, step one.707 on nasal updates, and you will step 1.942 regarding liquids status. A decreased area into the Dining table 3 summarises the outcome of modeling from Put step three. This new baseline try this new fricative condition, and then we compared brand new plosive versus. fricative conditions, new nasal vs. fricative standards, and the liquid versus. fricative standards. Very first, the difference between the brand new plosive and you can fricative standards wasn't reliable, since the 95% CI for the coefficient imagine provided zero [?0.06, 0.09]. 2nd, the latest nose compared to. fricative and h2o versus. fricative contrasting indicated that all of the fresh coefficient rates was indeed confident (? = 0.16) (nasal) and you can (? = 0.3) (liquid) and both of the brand new 95% CIs don't are no ([0.09, 0.24] (nasal) and you can [0.23, 0.38] (liquid)), thereby recommending one to nonce conditions having nasals and you can liquid had been judged to-be more kawaii brands compared to those that have fricatives.


The modern studies revealed that (1) labial consonants will end up being in the kawaii than simply coronal and you may dorsal consonants, (2) high-regularity consonants may become of this kawaii than low-frequency consonants, and (3) water /?/ and you may nasal /n/ will become of kawaii than fricative /z/ (and you will plosive /d/). These show recommend that the area-of-articulation element of kawaii is actually [labial], while the regularity ability of this kawaii is [high-frequency]. The manner-of-articulation element requires next discussion.

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