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Film Feedback

". to suit your suggestions, I am a conflict bride to be!"

I was wavering anywhere between awarding so it movie a seven otherwise a keen 8, and now have finally plunked having an enthusiastic 8 due to the fact a motion picture that have Cary Grant involved must be its terrible and you may an utter stinker to get something below a keen 8.

This would succeed very visible exactly what the smartest thing regarding this otherwise average flick try. The new chemistry anywhere between Grant and you will Sheridan is actually witty yet not engaging (perhaps not just how his verbal sparring along with other co-a-listers instance Katharine Hepburn and you will Rosalind Russell just shine right off the screen); the plot are contrived as well as the love between them fundamental characters--Henri and you can Catherine--is not including plausible. (Offer and Sheridan falter during the exactly what Gable and you may Colbert performed thus well during the 'It Occurred You to definitely Night': so it's plausible and actual and you can sympathetic one to a few characters within absolute loggerheads *could* slide helplessly in love.)

It doesn't mean the film are *bad*. The original half the film was moderately witty, into the bickering among them main letters while they get a motorcycle visit to their interest. Nevertheless the best part of it probably happens whenever Henri and Catherine wed (three times!), along with its attendant problems. It is Grant's prime comic timing and you will lovable mien that produces the blatantly "please make fun of now" minutes really comedy.