A total of five hundred someone (250 people) took part in this study out-of close relationship and you will health


Two hundred and twelve adults in heterosexual relationships (106 women, Mmany years = years; 106 men, Mage age = years) and two hundred and eight adults in same-gender relationships (72 couples self-identified as gay: Mage = 34.1 years; 72 couples self-identified as lesbian: Mage = 33.3 years years). Couples were required to have been together romantically for a minimum of 6 months and to come to the lab with their partner to participate in the study. The average relationship length for all couples was 4.8 years (SD = 6.6 years). Exclusion criteria limited participation to individuals currently without serious, chronic health problems or any health issues (e.g., diabetes) that affected their eating behaviors. (If participants engaged in disordered eating behaviors but did not conceptualize them as disordered, they may have participated).

The participants for the heterosexual relationship was predominantly Eu Western (72% Eu Western, 10% Dark colored, 8% Hispanic/Latino, 7% Far-eastern American, and you may step three% “other”). Players stated private earnings from inside the ranges: “ $75,000” (1%). At exactly the same time, 41.1% reported that they certainly were dating and never cohabitating, thirty two.4% stated that these were cohabitating (managing both), and you can twenty-six.5% stated that these were hitched.

The players inside the gay and lesbian relationship had been also mostly Western european-Western (70%; 14% Dark colored, 10% Hispanic/Latino, 3% Far eastern Western, 3% “other”). Members reported private earnings when you look at the range: “ 0 suggests particular number of frustration.