Quilla, the fresh new moon, got sex along with his bird aunt, Jilucu

In the past, prior to there are people Incas, the country are populous, nevertheless sea broke away from their bounds, the newest belongings was secured, while the anybody perished. Specific declare that some people endured on the caverns of the best mountains. Other people say that simply six someone endured towards the a float. [Frazer, pp. 271-272]

Of the early morning the fresh new fruit juice became black, and you will Jilucu saw you to her lover is this new moon

A month up until the flooding showed up, the newest sheep exhibited much sadness, watching the brand new stars at night rather than dinner. Its shepherd asked what troubled them, as well as advised him that the conjunction of celebs foretold the newest destruction of the globe by-water. This new shepherd along with his half dozen students gathered most of the as well as sheep they could and you may got them to the top the newest really extreme mountain Ancasmarca. Since the flooding liquids rose, the fresh new slope rose highest, so their top are never ever submerged, and also the hill later sank for the drinking water. New half dozen children repopulated the newest province following ton. [Frazer, pp. 270-271]

From this union showed up the new celebs, just like the anyone. Quilla constantly emerged unseen at night. One-night Jilucu smeared genipa juice with the his deal with, advising your it can build your feel new.