Connor upcoming tells Jude which he appeared to help you their father as gay, and make Jude smile so you can himself

Even with Jude's tried discouragement, Connor works out providing good swig of a bottle out of whiskey obtained throughout the girls regarding household pub. Passing the newest container to help you Jude, the guy hesitantly takes a great swig as well. When he do therefore, Taylor's father hears brand new music and you will shouts out, causing Jude to decrease the latest bottles and you can, ergo, smashing it.

For the Not that Style of Girl, it is indicated that Connor is actually try, in this new base and injury try neither severe neither permanent. Connor's father, Mr. Stevens, harshly reprimands him to own his tips and means to learn in the event the Daria is the reason the guy snuck out. Connor claims you to she is not and, since his father continues to shout on him, snaps and you will yells that he snuck out in order to see Jude. Stunned, Mr. Stevens asks what that is supposed to imply. Immediately after so it, Mr. Stevens goes in the hospital waiting to Stef, Lena and you will Jude. The guy guarantees them you to Connor is okay and you can denies Jude's nearly instant demand observe him. The guy requires to talk to Lena personally and you can, moments after, she tells Jude you to Mr. Stevens does not want him to see Connor any more which Connor, purportedly, informed your your sneaking away and you can consuming was all the their tip. Even with Lena inquiring when it is genuine, Jude cannot respond to that is just into the treat.

At your home, Callie needs to learn as to the reasons Jude did just what he did and you may in the near future says to him to cease hanging out with Connor, getting in touch with him a detrimental determine. At this, Jude flat out tells their unique to shut up-and you to definitely Mr.