Skip Delany grabbed the fresh new poem and read it that have fine effect

"Why don't we have it today," responded Harry, "and i also flow one to Skip Delany be chosen to help you lend so you can the newest poem brand new attraction out of their particular sound."

An effective RALLYING Shout.

                         Oh, people of your tropics,                          In the middle of the soreness and you may wrong                          Have you hardly any other mission                          Than just songs, dancing, and you will tune? Webpage 252

                         When from the tired ages                          Our very own dripping rips still slide,                          So is this a time to dally                          Having pleasure's silken thrall?

                         Go, muffle your entire viols;                          Once the heroes discover ways to stay,                          That have trust during the God's high justice                          Will all the center and you will give.

                         And you will crowned you to definitely title having magnificence                          Because of the deeds out-of holy well worth,                          So you can shine that have light emblazoned,                          The brand new noblest term on the planet.