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135 1854.] CEYLON. 135 inside laboring to possess sufficient reason for all of them. T he usual labors of missionaries for the preaching the latest gospel on the churches, new bungalows, and you can away from house to house, was in fact continued. Together with catechists and other indigenous helpers keep the perform, appear to interested in proof your gospel is making progress among the someone ; that there surely is an increasing conviction of one's facts out-of Christianity, and you can an ever growing faith that it'll at some point prevail in the house. Mr. Hastings, immediately after being missing about job 2 yrs, composed the following: 1 think I am able to get a hold of certain advances since i remaining. You'll find nothing in the form of preaching the brand new gospel, far and wide, on the province ; plus of a lot metropolises indeed there be seemingly variety of encouragements so you can prosecute the work.