Oftentimes, some of the people oscillated between the two positions, which resulted in bad objections among them

By the time the new youthfulness confronted by Lvova-Belova very early this past year, several had already become believing that Ukraine carry out fundamentally lose the battle. The new youth off Kherson was in fact split up. You to definitely classification is holding onto hopes of back into Ukraine, while others spotted its future within the Russia and you will espoused specialist-Russian rhetoric, Liza told you.

Nastia, an effective 16-year-old girl whom invested period on university for the Henichesk, recalled how the cops was in fact summoned immediately after she sang new Ukrainian anthem and you can shouted "Fame so you're able to Ukraine!"

She was in the bedroom with Liza whenever Lvova-Belova, brand new special invitees, provided the young Russian passports. "She was such as for instance, come across any university you desire to go to in the Moscow," Nastia told you.